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Nothing so high

A leading South African co-educational school, focused on developing the whole child by offering a balance of academics, sport and cultural activities.


Words can only describe our school so much. A visit will let you experience it. Learn about our curriculum, community impact and how we support our students here at Northcliff High School. Join us in one of our upcoming events, activities and local projects.

Northcliff High Councillors 2017

We hold a proud tradition of Academic excellence and are consistently rated as one of the top feeder schools for the major universities.


An outstanding record of extra-mural excellence and participation, we continue to triumph in and develop traditional sports.

Northcliff High Major Productions - Addams Family

For over 2 decades, our Major Productions have toured to the Natal Playhouse Theatre and has played to full houses.


Northcliff High School is a centre of excellence - a safe, secure, disciplined and caring environment for all. As a proudly independent state high school, we offer a firm foundation of traditions and values which have been carried through from when the school was established in 1969 to today.

Our Philosophies
- To provide our pupils with the very best opportunities to develop their full potential
- To engender in our pupils sound moral values and a sense of belief in self
- To attain excellence in academic and extra-mural spheres
- To attract and retain the services of the very best staff
- To provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for education of the highest standard
- To ensure a dynamic partnership between parents, teachers and pupils


Learn about our school history.

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