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Northcliff High School Science Class

Some highlights of the 2018 Matric Final exams included a 99% pass rate with 14 subjects with averages above 60%. 235 of our Matrics achieved Bachelor's Degree Entrance.  Our Top students were Thashil Naidoo, Ashlynn Wilkins and Devesh Jeaven who achieved 8 and 7 distinctions, 2 students achieved 6 distinctions and 3 achieved 5 distinctions.  17 of our students had averages above 80%.

Our highest performing subjects were Information Technology with a 71% average and Visual Art with 79%.  

18 students achieved distinctions for Physical Science, 4 of which were over 90%.

1. Thashil Naidoo
4. Dhiyan Ramsingh
7. Kirsten Sydow
10. Alison Leask
13. Shayleigh Murray
2. Ashlynn Wilkins
5. Gabriel Barrett
8. David Budnitsky
11. Shannon Howard
14. Trevarn Govender
3. Devesh Jeavan
6. Aaliyaan Waja
9. Megan Shannon
12. Dylan Strauss
15. Jessica Edwards

Northcliff rewards academic success at all levels and has a long tradition of outstanding achievement in matriculation examinations. A 100% Matric Pass rate is the accepted norm, with over 80% of our students going on to further studies at university. High standards mean that we foster a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed. Northcliff High has consistently been rated one of the top 3 feeder schools for the University of the Witwatersrand, the University of Johannesburg and remains a top feeder school for other major universities around the country. Our alumni cope very well with the rigors of university study and we see university success rates over 85%. We have a proud record of academic achievement and we see ourselves as a crucial step in our students’ progression towards Tertiary Education.


The school offers a wide range of traditional academic subjects, including those which provide opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

In the Junior Grades (8 and 9), all of our students take the following subjects:
*    English    *    Afrikaans    *    Mathematics    *    Accounting    *    Business Studies    *    Physical Science    *    Life Science

*    Technology    *    Geography    *    History    *    Life Orientation    *    Visual Art    *    Physical Education

In the Senior Phase of the school, students are required to choose 7 subjects from the following:
*    English    *    Afrikaans    *    Physical Science    *    Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy    *    Life Sciences
*    Information Technology    *    Accounting    *    Business Studies    *    Engineering, Graphics and Design    *    Visual Art
*    Geography    *    History    *    Life Orientation    *    Computer Application Technology    *    Consumer Studies

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