Frequently Asked Questions

relating to the current Lockdown situation

We have received a number of queries from students and parents regarding the provision of lessons during this lockdown period.  We totally understand the uncertainty and the level of anxiousness at this time. The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to a number of common questions that are likely to be asked. Please be aware that we are all doing everything possible to facilitate that our students are given the best possible opportunity to continue with their education over this time. It is important to remember that our educators are devoting themselves, primarily, to converting their material into a medium that is conducive to online learning while at the same time also preparing themselves to field a number of questions.


What do I need to do if I have a query regarding my child's education during this time?

  • We would request that you please read through these questions and answers before sending any queries of your own as the answers may already be contained in this FAQ. 

  • Should you have further questions, these may be addressed to your child’s class teacher.

  • Should your child have any subject related questions, we suggest that s/he attempt to resolve them him/herself or make a note of them to address with the subject teacher on our return to school. 


I believe that there have been worksheets/assignments posted on the internet for my child/children to complete during this period. Where will I find these?


Are there worksheets/assignments being provided for every grade and every subject?

  • Yes, your child's subject head will provide worksheets/assignments for each subject found in the link above.


How much time should my child dedicate to working on their worksheets/assignments every day?

  • We would recommend that your child spends at least two hours per day (for Juniors) and three hours per day (for Seniors) covering the content, watching the video links and working on the prescribed assignments. 

  • Please remember that your child should, wherever possible, try and get a bit of fresh air and do some exercise


My child asks me questions regarding their work that I don’t know the answer to. How can I assist them? 

  • There have been a number of Education-related websites and resources circulated on social media and various Whatsapp groups. This is an ideal opportunity for your child to explore the concept of guided self-research.  We recommend that they make a written note of the section which they are researching, then explore different websites which are available and then write down those which they find most relevant (some will be at a standard which is far below what our pupils would expect).  The ability to discern their own learning level is a skill which is important for them to practice and this is a very good opportunity.  


When are we going to get the Term 1 Reports?

  • We are aware that many of our students will be applying to Universities around this time and that they will require their Term 1 Reports. 

  • Our Teachers have finalised all marks and the Reports are being generated.  These will be emailed to all Parents, rather than being handed out in person.

  • If your email address has changed or you believe that the school does not have your correct email address, please send an email to . Make sure your child's Name, Surname and Grade are indicated in the subject line of the email.


What happens if school does not re-open on the 17th April 2020?

  • NHS relies on the information that the Government and the GDE provides and will continue to plan accordingly. 

  • We will communicate any dates and crucial information via our 5 communication channels – The school website, the d6 Communicator, our Facebook page, emails to parents and SMS’s.


What do we do with the completed worksheets/assignments? Will they be marked? Will the marks count as an assessment mark?

  • Where assignments have been allocated a mark, these will be marked on your child’s return to school and they will be informed of their weighting in the assessment programme.  Projects which have due dates attached to them were issued last term.  There will be a certain level of flexibility, owing to the uncertainty of the school calendar at this point in time.  


Will these worksheets/assignments cover all the work that I would have done if I was at school?

  • The work that has been published on the website is in preparation for teaching that will happen once schools are back. We are not expecting our pupils to have to teach themselves brand new material


What happens if there was a requirement for me to complete some sort of a practical or project requiring shop bought items? 

  • We do not expect our parents to be trying to find resources at shops during the Lockdown period.  The submission dates for any projects requiring purchased materials or group work will be reviewed accordingly and your children will be informed timeously of these dates.


What do I do if my child has left books at school?

  • The school needs to uphold the laws around the lockdown and the security guards have been instructed not to allow anyone onto the premises.  

  • Our best advice is to ask a friend to send photographs of relevant pages.


What is happening with the annual school play and trip to the Durban Playhouse and our other Extra-Murals?

  • Unfortunately, the Major Production tour to Durban will not take place this year. 

  • Our entire Extra-Mural programme will be reviewed when we have clarity around dates for the resumption of school.  We recognize that extra-murals are an integral part of Northcliff’s offering and we would want to continue with a balanced and reasonable programme.


Are school fees still payable during the lockdown period?

  • Yes. The school is still required to meet its monthly financial obligations which requires income from school fees. 

  • Educators continue to prepare work which is on the website. Lost teaching time will be made up by reducing the length of the June and September holidays. Our commitment is to continue to offer a quality product during these uncertain times. 


In order for NHS to manage and respond to queries, not addressed above, we respectfully request that these are sent via email to your child's class teacher, and that you do not contact the educators directly via phone.  

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