Mr W Essex-Clark Headmaster

Mrs J PierceDeputy Principal

Mr D Wilke Deputy Principal

Mr A Wilkins Deputy Principal

Mr K Williams Deputy Principal


Mrs S Ackerman HOD: History, Head of Media Centre, Grade 10Tutor
Mrs K Andersen HOD: Computers, Grade 10Tutor
Mr M Bailey HOD: Technology, Grade 9 Tutor
Mrs L Botha Grade 9 Tutor

Mrs S Budree-Maharaj Grade 9 Tutor
Mrs E de Lange Grade 8 Tutor
Mr T Diedericks HOD: Learner Management, Senior Management

Mrs N Gopi HOD: English
Mrs A Leat HOD: Life Sciences, Grade 11 Tutor

Mrs S Louw HOD:Accounting

Mr J Louw Grade 8 Tutor

Mrs J Marx HOD: Geography, Grade 11 Tutor

Mrs I Müller Acting HOD: Physical Science

Mr L Müller HOD: Engineering, Graphics & Design
Mr F Ndebele Grade 10 Tutor

Miss E O'Connell HOD: Visual Art

Mrs N Pfab Grade 12 Tutor

Miss I Schutte HOD: Mathematical Literacy
Mrs H Smith HOD: Mathematics
Mrs L Thorne HOD: Consumer Studies, Grade 8 Tutor
Ms B Mafuya HOD: Business Studies
Mrs T van Wyk HOD: Afrikaans

Mr N van de Walt Grade 12 Tutor

Mr B Vismer Grade 11 Tutor


Mrs S Allen

Miss M Basson

Mrs D Becking
Mr J Becking
Mrs K Botha
Miss E Bresler

Miss J Bresler

Mr M Chilvers

Miss J Clucas
Mr G Comins

Mrs V Costopoulos

Mrs V Crawford
Mrs L Davidson
Mrs M de Jager

Miss S Dorasamy
Mrs A Els

Mrs H Engelbrecht

Mrs H Gibson

Mrs D Greeff

Mr A Halley

Mr D Havemann

Mr D Hesk

Mr S Houston

Mrs G Kleynhans
Miss J Leat

Miss H Loveland
Mrs D Morgan
Mrs I Müller

Mrs M Muller

Mrs A Munch

Miss E Olivier

Mrs S Orffer

Mrs M Pereira

Mr C Pienaar

Mrs Y Potter

Miss R Pretorius

Mrs N Reddy

Dr K Robinson
Mrs C Rood

Mrs S Roux

Miss E Scheepers
Mr T Shimwell

Mrs M Snyman

Mrs F Sommerville
Mrs W Stephansen

Miss M Straeuli
Mr J Swallow

Mr M Thomson

Dr S van der Hoff

Mrs A van der Wal

Ms T van Rensburg

Mrs M van Rooyen
Mr C Vermeulen
Mrs A Viljoen
Miss L Vorster

Mrs M Williams


Mrs P Cleeve-Edwards

Miss T de Reuck

Mrs M Fell

Mrs L Kirsten

Mrs A Kwant

Mrs M Smith


"Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges."  -  Joyce Meyer

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."  -  Albert Einstein


A key to the enormous success of this school has been the stability of the teaching staff. With exceptional leadership over the years, the management team has ensured the school is staffed with committed and experienced educators who are experts in the field. This attracts talented young graduates into a rewarding teaching environment.

We currently have vacancies in the following areas: (Click the button below to send an email)

  • English (Jan 2023)

  • Afrikaans (Jan 2023)

  • EGD (Jan 2023)